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舊皮箱燕窩 / 品牌形象識別整體規劃/ Branding

「OLD SUITCASE舊皮箱」燕窩品牌識別形象
來自印尼、天然高級燕窩品牌-「OLD SUITCASE舊皮箱」,緣起於兩個80年代出生的年輕人,因著"舊皮箱"的記憶延續,志同道合的兩人相遇,連結了印尼與台灣的姻緣,開啓彼此共創的燕窩品牌新旅程。品牌識別以印尼特色BATIK圖騰手法風格,將品牌核心特色「燕子、皮箱、印尼國花」的圖騰意象,精細巧妙排列組合,傳達品牌細緻入微的態度心意。產品包裝視覺,以"舊皮箱"概念作為主體,運用品牌藍與金的色彩搭配,結合品牌獨特的燕子圖騰作整體視覺開展,展現高貴奢華頂級燕窩品牌的氣質魅力,吸引著擁有相同理念的消費者。

Brand Identity and Image of OLD SUITCASE Bird’s Nest
OLD SUITCASE, a natural, quality bird’s nest brand from Indonesia, originates from the memory extension of "old leather suitcase" of two youngsters born in the 1980s. Their meeting together as two who are in the same camp leads them to a happy fate bringing two lovers from Indonesia and Taiwan together to embark on a new journey of jointly creating a bird’s nest brand. Brand identity of this product projects the Indonesia’s characteristic style of BATIK motif in exquisitely combining the brand’s core traits and motif images of “sparrow, leather suitcase and Indonesia’s national flower” to deliver the brand’s exquisite attitude and token of appreciation. Vision design on package of the product embodying the concept of "old leather suitcase" as the entity applies the color matching of brand blue and gold and combines the brand’s unique sparrow motif as an overall visual development to demonstrate the glamour of temperament of noble, sumptuous and top-notch bird’s nest brand that draws attention of consumers who share the same philosophy.