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丰丹嚴選本舖 / 台中風采旅遊伴手禮糖果盒/ Package

遊歷文化之都  看見台中處處風采

Fongden - Candy Gift Box of “A Gift of Touring the Glamour in Taichung”
Tour of the City of Culture / Enjoy the Glamour Everywhere in Taichung
Having extended the gorgeous design style of Fongden brand, the design of the gift box focuses on the creative drawing of 10 new landmark attractions of characteristics of modernity in the city of Taichung as well as the skillful incorporation of “store of the Fongden brand” into these landmark attractions. In terms of cultural creativity, the remaking of romantic nostalgia in the 1960s permeated with a time travel of historic relics and the appreciation of architectural masterpieces by internationally renowned architects lead consumers to an in-depth aesthetic tour in the city of Taichung. The overall colorful package features design the intension in a dynamic sense to turn the product into one classic gift of quality and taste representing characteristics of Taichung.