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知味花生軟糖 / 三阿飴系列禮盒 / Package


The fondant series “San A-Yi” (three-flavored fondants) with “Yi” meaning sticky candy represents crispy peanut fondant in three distinguishing features of flavors. The homonym “San A-Yi” features a sense of geniality for a resonant name easily remembered and for the product series which are full of delight.
“San A-Yi” originating in Lungtan of Taoyuan County has three different flavors, No. 1 bamboo charcoal of internalized dispositions, No. 2 wasabi of marvelous adventure, and No. 3 red yeast rice of vitality. Despite being three sisters who have different personalities and special preference, they grew up eating their favorite crispy peanut fondant, their favorite local specialty as souvenir.
From the stories, the product series lead consumers to enter the world of “San A-Yi” that apply skills of cultural and creative expressions to the interpretation of personalities of thematic roles with lovely hand-painted illustrations. In the meantime, lively dialogue box is used to present the thematic “San A-Yi,” and vividly brilliant, rich and modern bright colors run through the design of overall series. In addition to local ambiance, the package series design featuring local culture, modern style, and personality can draw interest from young consumers.